Sunday, January 22, 2017

About This Blog

Salvete omnes! My name is Chris and I teach Latin in a private high school in Pennsylvania. This blog will chronicle various techniques and teaching strategies that I have begun to employ with my Latin students. My curriculum follows the textbook Latin for the New Millennium, which is described as a program that combines the best elements of traditional grammar-translation instruction along with the reading method. In my Latin 1 and 2 classes especially, I have initiated a transition to teaching with Comprehensible Input (CI), utilizing the theory of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) developed by Stephen Krashen and other scholars. My preferred method is now what many of us would call a CI Hybrid, that is, taking elements of the textbook and making it more meaningful and relevant to our student population. Input in the language must be compelling if one wishes to acquire it. That has become my general goal.

I thank you for your interest in reading this and I look forward to sharing best practices with you all.

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